The Smart Production Edge Control Demonstration Platform (SPEC-DP) line is a series of easily deployable smart edge control and computing systems designed by embedded ocean GmbH. It is an ideal testbed for quickly and easily demonstrating and evaluating the advantages of digitalizing and empowering production systems through fast data analysis, local machine learning and on-premise cloud applications.

SPEC-DP1 Features & Capabilities

SPEC-DP1 comes equipped with an indigo enabled Data Spring for collecting and collating information from various sources and a Data Lake with a preinstalled local Elasticsearch instance for on-premise analytics. It is equipped with a set of terminals for quickly connecting existing sensors, PLC and I/O access via Modbus and the ability to monitor Profibus traffic. It is easily deployable in brownfield installations to analyze production and quality data.

The SPEC-DP1 delivery scope includes a convertible laptop / tablet for system configuration, data access or visualization purposes. Complete system functionality and configurability is also remotely available from your network.

Safety Note

This Demonstration Platform is not suitable for placing on the market. It is released exclusively for demonstration and evaluation purposes. This unit has not been approved for permanent use and / or deployment in a productive environment. It should only be operated by qualified personnel.

MTBF: not rated