Angel Investment in emocean by Industry-Leading Automation Specialist Justech

Kunshan/Munich, January 2021: German startup company emocean, whose operating platform indigo offers real-time machine and systems communication, teams up with Chinese expert for production systems and automation Justech Precision Industry Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province. Both companies are set to shake up the global automation market by introducing true smart manufacturing and new ways of networking machines to enable future Artificial Intelligence (AI) and prescriptive applications.

The young German company (currently in seed round) and the Chinese production equipment specialist are jointly announcing a long-term strategic partnership. emocean is a German startup company founded in 2020 looking to disrupt the automation and control market with its innovative solutions. emocean’s operating platform indigo offers an unprecedented combination of vertical and horizontal integration, using semantic models to integrate and process data and handle massive amounts of information by – as the company calls their unique approach – “liquifying data”. Information can be transmitted and shared across different machines, systems, tools and applications through a user defined namespace, while providing true real-time communication across the shop floor, thus paving the way for smart factories according to the paradigms of Industry 4.0. Justech Precision Industry Co., Ltd primarily provides manufacturing equipment to a wide array of customers, including one of the world’s most renowned smartphone and computer vendors. 

“In order to achieve its vision of ‘Intelligence makes everything’, Justech has always been committed to becoming a world-class intelligent manufacturing company and is devoted to promoting the construction of a complete supply chain and the overall landscape of optimization and integration and realizing the international and strategic development. We are adapting our product roadmap to ensure maximum benefit from emocean’s indigo software platform for our customers. The use of off-the-shelf embedded components and the introduction of smart features such as prescriptive process control will also greatly reduce average unit costs and TCO for our customers.” – Eagle Zhang, Justech EVP of Software Engineering

The Chinese tech company is not only investing substantial capital into their new German partner but has also decided to base future equipment generations on emocean’s indigo platform. Both partners are set to profit widely from this international cooperation.

Positioning indigo as the operating platform for state-of-the-art production & automation equipment with a strong player like Justech will allow us to quickly demonstrate our abilities to the market, allowing us to become one of the leading Industrial IoT software providers,” explains Philipp Kirschenhofer, Co-Founder & Managing Director of emocean GmbH.

Gaining a foothold in the Chinese automation market is a huge step for the young German software specialist based in the Munich Metropolitan area. Through the cooperation with Justech, the company is expanding its presence internationally and is successfully entering the global digitalization and industry 4.0 market. The angel investment will also allow the software supplier to quickly grow its existing development team and accelerate several customer projects that are currently underway.

“Teaming up with Justech opens up a whole set of opportunities for us. At the same time, emocean is fully determined to play an integral part in Justech’s further growth journey,” says Michael Schwarz, Co-Founder & Managing Director of emocean GmbH.

At the same time, the partnership will allow Justech to design and implement faster and more flexible machine controls and networked production systems while minimizing development efforts.

“Justech’s vision is to become a leading provider not just for singular machines and assembly points but for entire smart factories. We realize this is a huge challenge and the partnership with emocean is a central part of our strategy. The indigo platform is one of a kind and will allow us to leap ahead of our competitors. emocean’s data-centric overall solution is one of the strongest benefits for the internationalization of Justech. Justech will also take this opportunity to accumulate experience in transnational operation and cooperation and will work with emocean to truly create the smart factory landscape of the future and jointly achieve the grand goal of boosting Industry 4.0.” – Yuxiang Jing, Founder & Managing Director of Justech Precision Industry Co., Ltd

With indigo, emocean offers a new kind of middleware that, unlike established solutions, allows machine and process communication in real-time, a capability sorely lacking from currently available IoT / IIoT implementations. While other available solutions concentrate on vertical integration, indigo combines both horizontal and vertical integration in an innovative way. Combined with the distributed semantic model that lies at the heart of indigo, these new communication concepts allow all components in complete manufacturing sites to intelligently interact. This makes indigo the first industrial control platform that has been built purely on the paradigms of Industry 4.0 from the ground up and consistently realizes them. Through indigo, digitalized factories truly become “smart” and can directly implement and profit from developments like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning without having to outsource data processing to external services. indigo integrates numerous field buses and cloud interfaces with an almost unlimited number of sensors and actuators. The software scales from small embedded controls all the way to complete production networks, making it a powerful solution for local machine controls and edge controllers as well as fully realized production networks.